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Office: 1875 K Street, Off.429, NW
Washington, D.C. 20006

Mail: 712 H Street, NE
Washington, D.C. 20002

T: (202) 571-7070
F: (202) 513-8071

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Excellent Attorney

""I was thoroughly pleased with Roberts handling of my matter. He exercised prudence, persistence and great communication. Robert also was patient in explaining the legal process and its jargon. I would highly recommend Robert for patent and IP matters and will be using him as often as the need arises.""


DeWitty and Associates quote


""Robert has proven to be a tremendous asset to our company, having represented us in several trademark proceedings over the last three years. Robert has always acted with professionalism and dedication, and continues to provide sound, balanced and timely advice and assistance. We strongly recommend the services of DeWitty and Associates!""


DeWitty and Associates quote

Robert Dewitty - diligent and knowledgeable

""Robert Dewitty keeps on top of things and keeps me informed. I am happy to recommend him. Top notch!""

Bruce Munson,

DeWitty and Associates quote

Robert is the best Patent Lawyer

""We hired Robert in 2016. We love working with him and we find him to be best patent lawyer we could have ever hired,""